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Over the last 10 years of implementing TRACC around the world, our clients have frequently asked us:

“How will we know when we are good?”
                     “What does it look like when you are good?”  
                                            “How can we show people what good looks like?”


WGLL is a visual studio that provides you with access to photographs, templates and examples of best practice in action from leading manufacturing operations across the globe. You will also be able to share your thinking and ask questions via our WGLL discussion blog. The WGLL Visual Studio contains examples from a broad range of industries, including Beer, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Mineral Processing and Packaging.

WGLL will illustrate what manufacturing best practice looks like at various stages of maturity. It will also show how to sustain continuous improvement, otherwise known as 'kaizen'.

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Companies which have already contributed content to this community of best practice are:


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