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TRACC Awards

The TRACC Operations Excellence Award
In order to recognise the long-term and sustainable performance of clients across its global client base, TRACC has developed TRACC Excellence Awards in bronze, silver, gold or platinum status.

Evaluation is based on:

  • the degree of adherence to the TRACC best practices methodology
  • the level of performance improvement and resultant financial benefits
  • the degree to which culture changes have been made and people have been empowered
  • visual impact of physical changes to the workplace

Overall performance is evaluated against the world class practice performance model, while the award categories are guided broadly by these measures:

  • Bronze — organisations reaching stage 3-3.5 of best practices, showing substantial performance improvement
  • Silver — organisations reaching stages 3.5-4 of best practices and being within the top 30% of their class, using a set of best-in-class performance measures
  • Gold — organisations reaching stage 4 of best practices and being within the top 15% of their class
  • Platinum — organisations at stage 4.5 of best practices within the top 5% of their class

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