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TRACC Implementation Experts
Our highly experienced TRACC implementation experts are spread across the world to support the system’s global footprint. Not only do these specialists boast extensive operations management experience, but they’re also skilled in shaping the integrative improvement process to align it with your company’s vision, values and performance drivers.

Our TRACC expert implementation teams offer both operational and change management proficiency. Their competence lies in tailored implementation collaboration to help you achieve the process improvement outcomes you expect.

Product Support Office The Products division offers specialist support in terms of digiTRACC rollout, technical support, product materials, research and development, editing and translations, and marketing. The Products division consists of the following departments:

Product Research, Development To maintain our leading-edge product standards, all the TRACC components are continuously evaluated and enhanced through close collaboration with our extensive network of industry thought leaders.
Contact pwhelan@ccint.net 

IT Support
The department’s main function is to offer internal and external user support for digiTRACC, the web-based component of the TRACC Integrative Improvement Management System.
Contact jmuller@ccint.net

TRACC Marketing
Marketing's creative team are responsible for the TRACC brand positioning, the CCI corporate identity, the website, all advertising, media, publishing and PR. They are also responsible for product design and packaging, and coordinating international events and conferences.
Contact lellis@ccint.net

The TRACC Products support team looks after product development, digiTRACC support, publishing, translations and branding.

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