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How does TRACC work?
. . . a completely integrated and codified solution

TRACC provides organisations with a self-directed Integrative Improvement Management System that empowers internal ownership, as opposed to creating a dependence on an army of consultants. The TRACC implementation methodology and process are supported and guided by TRACC experts. They focus on transferring competency and imparting specialist skills, thereby building our clients’ internal capacity to become world class across multiple operating units and sites.

Over and above payback in year one and 400% ROI in year two, TRACC enables our clients to:

  • assess their world class maturity against each best practice, both by operating unit and by site, and then create a baseline
  • identify the best practice performance gap(s) and then determine their performance improvement targets
  • plan their performance improvement initiative through a step-by-step method
  • engage and empower their people to own the TRACC implementation process thereby aligning to individual, departmental and organisational goals and objectives
  • manage their performance improvement projects and KPIs
  • measure performance improvements and milestones along the way
  • develop competency across various levels of the organisation and encourage knowledge-sharing and training
  • build teamwork and renewed commitment to excellence
  • track and report on performance improvements by making use of various dashboards and reports
  • standardise and codify best operating practices
  • entrench continuous improvement as a way of life, not a fad or an intervention


“When Heinz started designing a Global Performance System (HGPS), we realised that we had to enable ‘everyone’ to impact productivity and quality positively. To do this we needed to provide our operations with a fully integrated production system that would drive productivity and excellence across our entire supply chain. The only system that matches our needs is TRACC.”
Tamer Abuaita, Director - Business Transformation, H.J. Heinz, United States of America


Why does TRACC work?

TRACC works because it is based on more than 25 years’ world class operations experience and collaboration with global organisations across 65 countries. These lessons have illustrated that for an operation to get the desired results and long-term sustainable benefits, a continuous improvement culture needs to be created by:
  • empowering the people in the organisation to implement and manage best practices, rather than relying on external experts
  • aligning to the organisation’s vision, values and performance drivers
  • integrating with other initiatives and systems entrenched in the operation by systemising improvement
  • making continuous improvement a way of life, rather than a quick-fix intervention

TRACC’s methodology incorporates TPM, Lean, Six Sigma, TQM and SCO principles, which provides clients with a completely integrated and codified solution.

TRACC best practices have been divided into five stages of maturity, broadly following the structure below. This enables an organisation to pursue the road to excellence in manageable stages, rather than be overwhelmed by the enormity of the task.

What does TRACC consist of?

TRACC is made up of:

digiTRACC — a web-based, codified and integrated assessment and Integrative Improvement System
TRACC Maps — a series of implementation pathways (embedded in digiTRACC and supplied as handbooks)
TRACC Manuals — a series of implementation ‘know-hows’ (embedded in digiTRACC and supplied as manuals)
TRACC Expert Support — TRACC specialists who support the implementation process to deliver guaranteed performance improvement and enable our continuous improvement specialists to implement and maintain the improvement process
TRACC Training — a series of implementation workshops designed to fast track best practice competency and unlock potential. We also provide 'Train the Trainer' that enables your trainers to offer the TRACC training across the entire organisation
What Does Good Look Like? (WGLL) — an online community for best practice knowledge sharing and further learning
TRACC Translations — the Operations TRACCs are available in 14 languages:
  1. English UK
  2. English US
  3. Dutch
  4. French
  5. German
  6. Hungarian
  7. Korean
  8. Italian
  9. Bahasa Indonesia
  10. Mandarin (Simplified Chinese)
  11. Polish
  12. Portuguese
  13. Russian
  14. Spanish


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