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TRACC Products

TRACC is a Continuous Improvement Management System that rapidly delivers operational improvement and builds internal capability to enable full payback in year one, 400% ROI in year two and sustainable, exponential returns thereafter.

TRACC is widely used by our clients around the world because it offers them the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Codification and indexing  it codifies in great detail how to implement generic best practices and then creates a common structure for the entire workforce to follow.
  • Integration it integrates the implementation and management of best practices, rather than treating them as separate 'swim lanes'.
  • Continuous assessment it embeds a discipline of regular best practice assessment against world class standards. The built-in assessment engine is integrated and tied into the relevant content to allow for quick remedy.
  • Web-based  it allows fast roll-out and good visibility of performance and practices at every location, without software installation or version headaches.
  • Speed of delivery due to the fact that it is web-based and codified, it allows for rapid roll-out, is always available and delivers just-in-time.
  • Customisable  it enables the ability to add company-specific materials, the facility to change terminology, and log comments to generic materials.
  • Accountability system it offers the ability to add 'evidentiary standards', thereby defining "What Good Looks Like".
  • Benchmarking forum it provides 'apples-with-apples' benchmarking of companies travelling on the same journey.

At the core of TRACC lies many attributes that offer a vast array of benefits to our clients:

  1. A methodology that empowers clients to implement best practice themselves and 'own' the process
  2. A heavy focus on 'people' issues to ensure engagement and sustainability
  3. Integration and codification of implementation actions and measures that aligns all continuous improvement initiatives 
  4. The implementation process is execution focused, and no action is undertaken if it does not ensure a well-defined and measurable outcome
  5. Practices and performance are measurable
  6. Available in 15 languages to ensure multi-site roll-outs across the globe
  7. Constant sharing of knowledge in the process of implementation and management of best practices to ensure continuity and contingency


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