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CCI Core Competencies
Operations Strategy
Specialist expertise to help clients craft and refine their strategy.
World Class Best Practice
Unparalleled experience and competency in implementing best practices, while also taking into account TPM, Six Sigma and Lean. We have integrated all these methodologies into TRACC, our Integrative Improvement System.
Change Management
A honed ability to integrate the implementation of TRACC into the daily life of the business, while aligning it to existing initiatives, training and development.
Measuring for Sustainable Results
TRACC implementation enables full payback in year one and sustainable ROI thereafter.
Tried and Tested Methodology
TRACC underpins sustainable performance improvement by developing people’s capability to continuously improve operational processes. It creates a culture of excellence and entrenches world class as a way of life.
Multi-site Roll-out
Our products are multicultural and multilingual. Operations TRACC material is available in 14 languages, and we ensure operation-wide buy-in through a proven change management process in the predominant language of each site.
We Can Assist Clients Wherever They Are in
Their Journey
The most conspicuous difference — which sets TRACC apart from other less rigorous approaches — is the framework for implementation, based on self-measurement of best practices across various lines and sites. To our knowledge, no other comparable offering exists.

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