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Frequenty Asked Questions
  - What is TRACC?
  - What does the acronym TRACC stand for?
  - What is digiTRACC?
  - How does the WCM Improvement Methodology link up with TPM, Lean, TQM, TOC, etc?
  - Is WCM the same as ISO?
  - Is WCM time-consuming to implement?
  - How quickly could one expect a return on investment?
  - How do you get buy-in from individuals to a continuous improvement implementation?
  - How fast can one move between stages?
  - How long does TRACC take to implement?
  - Can we start with Focused Improvement without the other foundations?
  - Can we do pillars without foundations?
  - We've tried TPM before and it didn't work. What is different in TRACC?
  - Will people lose their jobs as a result of WCM?
  - Can we do TRACC in a greenfield situation?
  - Where does Safety fit in?
  - Can I buy modules separately?
  - How do we select which TRACCs best suit our needs and our business?
  - How do you ensure sustainable results?
  - In a multisite company do you ‘impose’ WCM implementation in each operating unit?
  - Will TRACC implementation guarantee performance improvements?
  - How will you keep TRACC updated with the latest developments in WCM?
- How do we implement effectively with our shift structure?
- How do I know what to do in digiTRACC?
- How is it possible to have maturity at higher stages when it is lacking at lower stages of maturity?
- I have forgotten my password.
- How do you compare digiTRACC assessments over time?
- I can't export/print documents.
- Can you use digiTRACC to compare similar departments in different companies/operating units?
- The exported MS Word or MS Excel document is password protected. How do I access the documents?
- How do you ensure that assessments are not subjective?
- The digiTRACC 4.0 logon page does not open.
- Can digiTRACC be customised in terms of terminology?
- I cannot export to Office (Excel, Word).
- How often should a TRACC assessment be done?
- Can an assessment be modified by someone afterwards? How do you protect the integrity of the assessments if so many people have access to it?
- Can it link with Excel to import performance data automatically?
- How many people should have access to digiTRACC?
- Who should do assessments? CCI or internal resources?
- How long do assessments take?
- Is it possible to deviate from the TRACC sequence of Implementation Actions?
- How do you give credit for best practice activities already in place?
- Who should be trained to use digiTRACC?
- What benefits can the workers expect from WCM? Why should they support WCM?
- Do we have team meetings during or before working hours? Do we pay overtime for people to attend team meetings?
- What sequence should be followed with respect to Team Training?
- Can we set up our KPIs in digiTRACC?
- In what way are the LMC Implementation Actions specific actions for the Steering Team, or are these IA's more an overview of the activities that should be monitored and supported during the Stage 2 IA's in the pilot TF? E.g. Ensure Early Wins (3IA3) connected with FI Loss & Waste Analysis 2IA3 and Project Definition 2IA4. Similar connections for TW
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