About the TRACC Alliance and Conference in Chicago, USA, 2011

“The panel discussions were brilliant.”

“Sharing experiences in the networking sessions was the most valuable learning.”

“It was an eye opener to see how universal our issues are and that we all grapple with the same stuff, therefore we can simply replicate remedies to solve these issues very fast.”

About the TRACC Africa/Middle East Conference in South Africa, Johannesburg, 2011:

"It was inspiring to hear the success stories from various speakers, and that although all are from different industries, we experience similar problems."

"I found the content of the TRACC conference very empowering."

"It is very clear that people should be the focus of an improvement journey."

"The positive energy between all the attendees, the networking and exchange of experiences and information was stimulating and outstanding."

About the TRACC Conference in Houston, Texas, 2010:

"The highlight for me was to see that we aren't crazy — other companies have the same wins and challenges and journeys."

"The Version 5 presentation was excellent, and Kellogg's was good affirmation of the need for people engagement."

"The opportunity to connect with contacts from other sites and companies and share ideas on how to make our production system better was a great highlight."

"The discussions around challenges of implementation were extremely helpful."

"I enjoyed engaging on the topic of leadership coaching/listing both up and down in the company."

About the TRACC Conference in Prague, Czech Republic, 2010:

"I had good opportunity to add contacts from DuPont and Heinz for a potential site visit in North America. Also established a link with Roddy Martin on how we can integrate a SAP environment (design phase) with a CCI work environment."

"Royal Shell view of the world — all the big players seemed to have adopted TRACC for their needs, do we need to? It was good to reconnect with SABMiller, their world is similar to ours."

"Having worked for Toyota for 13 years and preached The Toyota Way for the past 6 years, I had a connection with Mark Rosenthal's presentation. It was an energetic and passionate presentation. Well done, Mark!"