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TRACC is an Integrative Improvement System (iiS) that rapidly delivers operational improvement and builds internal capability to enable full payback in year one and sustainable, exponential returns thereafter.

It enables executives, operational managers and work teams to:
  • assess their operations' current best practice maturity
  • create a clear, coordinated, and logically-sequenced best practice implementation road map
  • implement tried-and-tested best practices that integrates process improvement across the value chain
  • measure their progress against that road map
  • guide teams on what good practice looks like and provide consistent 'WHATs' and 'HOWs' to advance their progress
  • build competency and engage people at all levels of the organization in various locations simultaneously
  • share best practice knowledge across the organization and multiple sites in 14 languages

"When Heinz started designing a Global Performance System (HGPS), we realized that we had to enable 'everyone' to positively impact productivity and quality. To do this we needed to provide our operations with a fully integrated production system that would drive productivity and excellence across our entire supply chain. The only system that matches our needs is TRACC."

Gary Thomas, General Manager, Manufacturing, HJ Heinz Australia

"In the first six months of the TRACC rollout we got no return, but you have to trust the process. In the first 12 months, a 200% return. In the first two years, a 400% return. Today we do 35─50% better on EBIT than our competitors. We have the same costs as our competitors and produce twice as much as they do on the same lines. Our target is to be 25% better on EBIT and every year we are consistently exceeding that target."

Stanislaw Wasko, Chief Operating Officer, Can -Pack SA, Europe

"TRACC helped us standardize best practice across all our DuPont operations and stopped the duplication of content creation around standards and best in class"

Kathy Wright, Program Director: DuPont Production System, DuPont Headquarters, USA

TRACC consists of:
  • DigiTRACC ─ a web-based, codified Integrative Improvement System
  • TRACC Maps ─  a series of implementation pathways (embedded in digiTRACC and supplied as handbooks)
  • TRACC Manuals ─ a series of implementation “How To’s” (embedded in digiTRACC and supplied as manuals)
  • TRACC Expert Support ─  TRACC specialists who support the implementation process to deliver guaranteed performance improvement
  • TRACC Training ─ a series of implementation workshops designed to fast track best practice competency and unlock potential
  • What Does Good Look Like? (WGLL) ─  an online community for best practice knowledge-sharing and further learning
  • Integrative Improvement System Diagnostic (iiSd) ─ a benchmarking service that measures your II against that of other organisations in your sector

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